Watch your TMG’s waist line. Switch log format and reduce fat now!

We often recommend customers using Microsoft ISA or TMG switch their logging to W3C text file, in order to get the best possible import speed, and also because the text logs are much easier to access from a remote machine (see my previous article on accessing TMG’s SQL Express Log database). Logging to the default MSDE or SQL Express databases also requires more resources in terms of processor utilization, memory consumption and disk I/O.

But there is another advantage to switching to text. They take up considerably less disk space. Here are some figures

Read my post on the WebSpy Blogs.


  1. On installing this tool there will be a vbs file on the location
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Forefront TMG Tools\MSDEToText.
    navigate to this location on command promd and run the below command.

    cscript MSDEToText.vbs TMG “Name of the mdf file” WebProxyLog “Name of the out put file”

    YOu will get the out put on the same folder.

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