The relevance of old school catalogues in the modern age

I recently participated in a LinkedIn discussion regarding the role of the old school catalogue in the modern age.

The question: Is It Time To Go Old-School To Promote Your Product?

Does anyone besides me remember when Sears used to send out their huge catalogs? Here in the 21st Century we have a tendency to scoff at such old-school ways of marketing our products to our customers. I mean really, get with the program and use some social media why don’t you product manager?

But wait a minute, maybe we’re overlooking something. I just got done reading a fantastic book (details at: ) that opened my eyes to just how powerful a catalog can be for promoting a product.

What do you think? If you took the time to do it right, do you think that there might still be a place for a catalog in how you promote your product to your customers?

My Response

I guess it depends on where your customers are. Not everyone is online, and not everyone participates in social media. Also not everyone is going to enter search terms or click ads that will take them to your site, even though they may be generally interested in what you have to offer.

When a catalogue arrives in my mail, I’ll either flip through it or chuck it out immediately depending on how interested I am in the subject matter. I’d say I’d read maybe 5 to 10% of all catalogues that are delivered to me.

This is a pretty unattractive statistic especially considering the cost of printing and distribution. Online marketing and social media on the other hand is very attractive as it’s cheap (in comparison), scalable, and more accurately measurable.

But back to my first point, old school catalogues and print advertising are probably a good choice if you’re selling zimmer frames or units at a retirement village, and may also be the best choice when promoting something local.

Do some good research on the behaviours of your target market and get your product in front of them in the most effective way.

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