The Hub Hits Perth

Tonight I attended a launch/workshop for a new collaboration space in the Perth CBD called Hub Perth

The idea is to provide a space for individuals, creatives, and start-ups to come together and work in the same physical space, host meetings and events, and ultimately inspire innovation.

The launch event was great. Activities were held to get the people who would ultimately use the space to put forward ideas on how it should be designed and work. Everyone was encouraged to leave their comments and ideas on Post-it Notes, butchers paper and floor plans that were scattered throughout.

The space used to belong to a bank, and even comes with its own vault. It will be renovated, but here is a quick walkthrough in its current form.

It was interesting hearing the different views on how a space like this should be operated and what the mix of business versus community/non-profit attendance should be. There was some healthy debate, but ultimately everyone was very excited to see something like this happening in Perth.

It may become part of the global hub network ( if it meets specific criteria, but whatever it becomes, it can only be a good thing for innovation in WA.

Kudos to Brodie McCulloch and the team at SiiWA for making it happen.

More info:
Perth Now – New Space For Collaboration Innovation at Hub Perth

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