Nearmap presents before and after high-res images of the Brisbane floods

Nearmap is a Perth based startup that takes regular high resolution photographic surveys of Australia’s capital cities. After a few issues, they were finally given permission to fly over Brisbane just after the peak of the January 2011 Queensland floods. Below are some before and after screenshots of Brisbane River.

Go to Nearmap to switch back along the timeline and zoom in on their 2cm high resolution survey images. They say you can see a walnut on the ground without it pixelating, but I’m yet to find a walnut…

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Before (01)

After (01)

Before (02)

After (02)

Before (03)

After (03)

Before (04)

After (04)

Before (05)

After (05)

Before (06)

After (06)

Nearmap is a great resource for Australians, especially for incidents like this. Zooming in to such detail around Brisbane really gives you a feeling for the extent of the disaster. My thoughts go out to all the Queenslanders that have lost loved ones and livelihoods.

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