What’s all this then?

Scott Glew

I’m Scott Glew. I’m a software product manager, web developer, UX guy, and guitar enthusiast from Perth, Western Australia currently living in Seattle (Bellevue to be exact), Washington USA.

I’ve recently co-founded a new company called Fastvue, working on realtime analytics and alerting for corporate networks. Before that I worked as a Product Manager at WebSpy where I also wore hats such as Web Developer/Technical Writer/Build Engineer/Blogger/Twitterer/Pre-Sales Support/Post-Sales Support.

This is my ‘Me’ site. It’s my dumping ground for ideas and random thoughts when I feel inspired enough to write them down. You’ll most likely find articles about software product management, web development, or something completely different.

Updating this blog comes after work, spending time with my family, working on other personal projects, playing and teaching guitar, and enjoying life. So feel free to also: follow me on twitter, facebook, linkedInposterous or check out fastvue.co for our upcoming product launch. You can also read my old posts on the WebSpy Blog.